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Sound off letters

Chronicle sports writer Larry Williams has finally proven to be an asset to the University of South Carolina.

Having written negatively about the Gamecocks, even when they win, for the past two years, his most recent attacks on USC were placed in the South Carolina locker room prior to their game with Georgia, which USC won 21-10.

Williams wrote in his game story of Sept. 10 that USC defensive tackle Cleveland Pinkney said, "What (Pinkney) perceived to be arrogant comments by the Bulldogs in the days preceding the game helped fuel the Gamecocks' resolve."

Williams' story added: "I bit my lip all week," Pinkney said. "Coach was putting all these quotes (about) what Georgia said in the locker room. But they said they found loopholes in our defense playing New Mexico State," Pinkney said of the Gamecocks' 31-0 win.

A Web check shows no other paper in Georgia printing those kind of comments by sports writers or Georgia players.

The day before the game, Williams presided over a two-page spread in the From the Huddle football section, which had a large photo of a Georgia player stomping a large drawing of the state of South Carolina under a huge headline: "Rivalry? What Rivalry?"

That's locker-room material there.

The story around the demeaning photo was typical poor-sport Williams. His Athens-datelined story began:

"It sometimes has been characterized as a seething, hate-filled rivalry between major universities of neighboring states. But mostly, particularly recently, the Georgia-South Carolina series has been little more than Border War boredom."

And: "The Gamecocks will clamor for the opportunity to knock the favored Bulldogs off their stoop. But for the Georgia players, this simply is just another game."

Did Williams go to Athens and put the Bulldogs to sleep for the benefit of his story, which was to show South Carolina as lowly compared to the Bulldogs? Is this the tortoise and the hare story? USC was ranked 73rd, preseason, by Sports Illustrated. Georgia was ninth going into the game.

The "loophole" comment, which the USC player said was posted in the locker room, was spoken by a Georgia tight end who said in a Williams game-day story from Athens, "I know there are loopholes in that (USC) defense."

I believe Williams, due to his part in one of USC's biggest wins, should be placed in the Gamecocks' Hall of Fame.

Tom Hunter, Augusta

Re: Adam Kleba's letter in the Aug. 8 Augusta Chronicle. When are the likes of Mr. Kleba going to learn that just because they enjoy a fourth-rate sporting event doesn't mean people who have a life should join them in the guise of making Augusta a great city. Augusta was a great city before the Stallions were born and will be after they are forgotten.

Yes, they are at least fourth-rate behind high school, college and professional football. You can throw youth league in there, too. I will spend my money on what I choose, and it ain't arena football. As for me and my "lazy rump," we will watch real football.

Go Stallions and take Mr. Kleba, his stupid sign and shot throat with you. There must not be much to do around Fort Gordon.

Robert Clements, Louisville


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