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Postcards from Sydney

Hey, dudes,

Surf's up, so let's head to Bondi Beach, one of the most famous beaches in Australia.

Everybody says you can't visit Australia without seeing Bondi, a virtual national institution. So some journo friends and I decided to have a gander at this nirvana for surfers.

It's a ripper! Look at those waves crashing in, the blue-green water, the fine white sand, the picturesque buildings lining the coast. It's not as big as I had pictured it, but it certainly is beautiful.

On a warm, sunny spring day it's got to be one of the finest places on earth. Besides natural beauty, a lot of the beautiful people head to Bondi to be seen. Some of them make sure you see a lot of them. Did I mention clothing seemed to be optional at Bondi?

Trying to avert our eyes and not stare we made our way down to the water to say we had at least popped our toes in the in Pacific Ocean. Yikes, it's cold. But in the name of art, or something, we stayed in the water, taking turns posing for pictures so we could prove we'd been here. And then every now and then a big wave would splash up high enough to get our shorts wet. What a bunch of geese (silly people).

Even though the locals say there are better surfing beaches nearby, everybody comes to Bondi first.

The shops along the street could easily have come from Myrtle Beach, but I'll bet they sell a lot more Speedos at Bondi. There are a lot of little, malnourished people here with lots of rippling muscles and washboard stomachs. And you should see the men.

Ah, bring me another mango milk shake, or a honeydew juice or a melon smoothie. That's what we had at lunch. I bought some cool shades, but I passed on the Speedo. This was the hardest day to head into an Olympic venue to cover another event. Bondi still beckons.

See ya later,



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