Originally created 10/01/00

Aiken's $4 lifesaver

"For $4 you could save your life."

That's a snappy sound-bite that ought to grab the attention of Aiken residents. It was developed by the city's Department of Public Safety, says Chief Pete Frommer, for a very good reason.

Many home addresses are not clearly marked - they're either missing, hidden or faded - and that slows emergency response time for victims of heart attacks or serious accidents, says Frommer.

Time wasted looking for the right address, or trying to figure it out, can even affect smoldering home fires where the flames are not yet visible, but the internal smoke is lethal to inhabitants.

A simple $4 investment to buy address numbers at a hardware store or building supply company could prove to be a lifesaver in an emergency, says Frommer. This is good advice.

The problem is nobody thinks anything tragic will ever happen to him - it always happens to someone else.

Of course that "someone else" could be you or a loved one. Why take the risk when it's not necessary? Take Frommer's advice. Make your house address easily visible.


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