Originally created 10/01/00

Lying Clintons held in contempt

Contrary to the Sept. 20 letter by Carl Champlin that the "GOP has cried wolf once too often," I say Americans have been worn down by this unethical scandal-ridden administration.

We are plain sick and tired of the Clintons and their contempt for truth, the political process and the taxpayers. Never in the history of American politics were outright liars expected to be in charge of our judicial and political system, to be condoned and supported by mainstream media and Hollywood airheads.

I show my contempt for Alec Baldwin, Robin Williams, Sharon Stone, Steven Spielberg, et al, by not going to the movies. I refuse to financially support nitwits who place politics above integrity.

The filth coming from Hollywood is being supported by the White House as Al Gore and Joe Lieberman have publicly stated they will not support government-backed censorship, or in any way attempt to regulate the industry. That's Hollywood's payoff.

It's just one more scandal in an unbroken chain after seven plus years of these Arkansas hillbillies in to power. My contempt is for the people who continue to support them.

Floyd Brown, Evans


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