Originally created 10/01/00

Vote out Columbia Co. Commission

Perhaps our Columbia County commissioners have forgotten about the Otis Hensley situation and how we switched from an all-Democratic to an all-Republican commission. Have they not also forgotten the power of the vote?

This storm-drain fee is much like taxation without representation. Have they not read something about what the consequences are from that?

We can't empty our tea into Boston Harbor, but we can certainly throw them overboard with our votes. They need to come to my house and watch the rainwater running down my driveway from a Columbia County street.

If anything, I should be collecting a fee from the county. Rainwater doesn't run off my property onto Columbia County land. So why should I be charged a fee for it? The county wants to collect a fee for a service they're providing and they're not spending our money on top projects, something that benefits all of us.

Instead we have the Savannah Rapids Pavilion built on leased property with Columbia County taxpayers' money. The majority of voters don't even know where it's located. And that's just one example of money spent for only the few to enjoy.

Earl Sleeth, Martinez


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