Originally created 10/01/00

Fetus death charge confuses reader

I have just read an item in the "Across the area" section of the Sept. 18 Chronicle that leaves me puzzled. Maybe someone else sees a confusing pattern, both in the item and in society.

The title of the item is "Couple charged in fetus' death," and concerns a woman who was six to seven months pregnant and miscarried her child. She and her boyfriend are being charged with concealing this child's death.

Now, am I mistaken in my logic, or does it follow that if there is a death, there must have been a life. Now (and try to stay with me here), if an intentional death is caused in a human being it is considered murder.

What then does this say about abortion which, the last time I checked, causes the life of an infant in uteri to cease? What does this say about late-term abortion? Is there something missing here, or are there abortionists getting away with murder?

Amy D. Thomas, Augusta

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