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Pocket change


Women with graduate degrees from business schools say a lack of female role models discourages many other women from pursuing MBAs.

Other significant obstacles include not enough encouragement by employers and the incompatibility of balancing work and family with education, according to a survey by the University of Michigan and Catalyst, a New York-based organization that promotes women in industry.

While one in five women surveyed felt they were perceived to be less qualified than men, the study found that MBA-equipped women who had worked full time since graduation were promoted at rates equal to male colleagues.


The U.S. cities with the highest percentage of wireless phone ownership are Detroit, Chicago and Baltimore.

More than 60 percent of households in the three cities own at least one cell phone, according to a survey by Scarborough Research. They beat out New York and Los Angeles, where ownership was at 51 percent and 50 percent, respectively.

Use of wireless communications is considerably lower in areas around Buffalo, N.Y.; Albany, N.Y.; and Scranton, Pa., where ownership is around 30 percent.


The new Zytool has a 3-inch nylon polymer casing with an eyeglass screwdriver, a Phillips-head screwdriver and a flat-head screwdriver, all of which pop out at the push of a button.

There's also an LED flashlight, a two-hour countdown timer and a 20-second digital memo recorder. The pocket-sized tool is a handy item.

The Zytool is sold at Sharper Image stores for $60. You can mail order it by calling (800) 344-4444, but you'll pay an additional $11 for shipping and handling. Information on the product also is available at sharperimage.com


A measurement of Internet use found roughly 144 million people surfed the Web from home in July 2000, a 35 percent growth rate from the same period last year. Still, Internet companies may have a harder time than ever attracting the new users.

According to data compiled by Nielsen/NetRatings, time spent on the Internet increased 26 percent in the past year, but the number of sites people visited fell by more than 16 percent.


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