Originally created 09/30/00

Let's remember nation's POW-MIAs

Last Sept. 15 our country celebrated National Prisoner of War-Missing in Action Day.

Not long ago all across our land newsmen, commentators and politicians were on television agonizing over a 6-year-old Cuban boy being repatriated. Where, then, is the weeping, wailing and hand-wringing over the many POW-MIAs from Korea and Vietnam, many of whom were known to be alive and in enemy hands at the time of the prisoner exchange, yet were never returned or accounted for.

Undoubtedly, some are still alive after all this time. They are 50 to 70 years old, depending on during which war they were captured. Where, then, are the interviews, debates, the protests on our TVs?

How about having some endless TV discussions over those missing Americans? POW-MIAs deserve a better fate than to be forgotten by the country they fought for.

John E. Rhoades, Augusta

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