Originally created 09/30/00

Study critical of nurses draws fire

Luckily for me I don't believe anything I read in the newspaper. Some people believe everything they read, which is unfortunate because journalists will write anything that will sell newspapers.

There was an article in The Chronicle Sept. 10 about a report on nursing. It concluded that nurses are responsible for thousands of deaths and injuries each year.

I was always taught one report was not sufficient evidence to make any conclusions.

Normally there are many studies done by many people. What if there was one study about journalists stretching the truth, does that mean that all journalists are liars.

Did anyone stop to think what a "nurse's mistake" is? If a physician prescribes the wrong medicine or dosage, and the nurse gives it, it is the "nurse's mistake."

If a pharmacist fills a prescription with the wrong medicine and the nurse administers the medication, it is a "nurse's mistake."

An article like this one demeans the entire profession. Nursing is an integral facet of the health care system. It may make some people hesitant to seek proper health care for themselves, or even worse, for their children.

There is no mention in the article about all the lives nurses save. But, oh I forgot, that is not newsworthy.

The nurse in the article said she prays everyday not to kill anyone. All the nurses who I know pray that they are able to make everyone they see feel better.

Shannon Hayes, Martinez


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