Originally created 09/30/00

Satellite dishes can't be prohibited

Many homeowners are unaware of the restrictions that residents have to deal with in reference to satellite dish installation. Not knowing that there were code restrictions written in our Liberty Hills regulations, some homeowners installed small satellite dishes when cablevision was not available.

One year later, residents were sent letters telling them that they must remove them by a certain date, or action would be taken to make sure they came down.

At that time, putting up a satellite dish was a sizable investment and I was reluctant to take it down. However, I did so I would not get in trouble and proceeded to write a letter to the Federal Communications Commission. It took a year to get an answer.

Residents need to know that no one can restrict the use of a satellite dish of 39 inches or less on a residential home whether it be in a subdivision or otherwise.

The only way there can be a restriction is when a subdivision supplies a "common area" dish that homes can tie into.

I know that many had to remove dishes in our subdivision and will be glad to get them back up again since they know that they are indeed legal. I am sure that there are many other subdivisions in the Central Savannah River Area that are illegally trying to restrict satellite installation. Residents beware. It is against the law.

David Brandyberry, Grovetown


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