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Pharmasoft develops unique web interface

UPPSALA, Sweden -- Leading pharmaceutical software company Pharmasoft, Inc., has signed an agreement with UMC, which is a collaborating center of the World Health Organization, WHO. Pharmasoft will provide the UMC and the authorities in the WHO member countries participating in the International Drug Monitoring programme, with a unique web interface, which makes it possible to search for information in the WHO ADR database, the world's largest database for adverse drug reactions. Pharmasoft will market the same interface to the global pharma/medical community.

The newly signed partnership with UMC (Uppsala Monitoring Center) is of extreme importance for Pharmasoft since the company may market and sell this web interface to the pharmaceutical market world wide, a market of gigantic size. Even more importantly, the new WHO database application will form the base for Pharmasoft's new pharmacovigilance portal project PharmaSafety.com, which will be launched early next year. Pharmasoft is a world leader in the development of products and services for processing of medical information for pharmaceutical companies and drug authorities.

For a number of years, Pharmasoft has developed a database and application for the storage and analysis of reports on adverse drug reactions for WHO database. More than 2,000,000 reports of adverse reactions from WHO's 60 participating member countries are stored in the WHO database, the world's largest ADR database. According to the new agreement, Pharmasoft will now develop the new web interface for the WHO database. This will be a web based search tool for on-line (Internet) queries, presentation and distribution of data from the WHO database for their own use as well as for the authorities in their member countries. The new interface will be available to the WHO member countries and the industry by Jan, 1st, 2001.

While UMC and the authorities in the WHO member countries will have the right to use the web interface free of charge, Pharmasoft will have a right to market, sell and distribute the web interface to the global pharmaceutical and medical community. It will also be used in Pharmasoft's soon-to-be-launched internet site, PharmaSafety.com.

"This interface will increase the service to our member countries and provide them with much needed search facilities. This will allow drug regulators to have easy access to safety information from around the world to aid their work and decisions. Pharmaceutical companies will be able to access non-confidential information which will also be of benefit to them in their planning and decisions", said Professor Ralph Edwards of the UMC.

"This agreement gives WHO's member states completely new possibilities to search in this unique databank, which will hopefully lead to better analyses and prevention of adverse drug effects and eventually to a better health for many of the world's citizens. The agreement is also important for Pharmasoft as a company, especially in the development and launch of the company's new information service on the Internet, called PharmaSafety.com", said Lars Weiler, President & CEO of Pharmasoft.

About Pharmasoft:

Pharmasoft is a world leader in the development of products and services for processing of medical information for pharmaceutical companies and Drug Authorities, and the leading global pharmasafety information technology provider. The company's combination of professional knowledge within both the medical field and information technology guarantees high quality and Internet compatible products in compliance with international standards. The customer base consists of a large number of international pharmaceutical companies and national drug authorities. Pharmasoft even furnishes IT solutions for the World Health Organization, WHO. Pharmasoft has operations in Sweden and North America.

About WHO/UMC:

Uppsala Monitoring Center (UMC) is the collaborating centre of the World Health Organization dealing with the adverse drug reactions of medicines. The UMC ADR data resource is the largest and most comprehensive ADR database in the world, and is developed and maintained by the UMC on behalf of the World Health Organization, WHO. The data held is collected from the National Centres of 60 affiliate countries and comprises more than 2,000,000 reports, to which around 35,000 new reports are added quarterly. SOURCE Pharmasoft, Inc.

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