Originally created 09/27/00

Likes paper, especially Rick Dorsey

My wife and I moved to the Martinez area in 1999. We have lived in numerous towns, cities and states during our 54 years.

The first thing on our agenda is to start a subscription with the local newspaper. There is no better way to learn the area, stores, schools, doctors, restaurants, hospitals, etc., than via the local newspaper.

Augusta should be extremely proud of its Chronicle. Without such a fine paper, the city would certainly suffer. We also learn through the newspaper about local citizens, who are mostly the same in every city.

While digesting the local news I move on to my favorite pastime, the sports section. During my 73 years I've had the good fortune to participate - then age moved me to the reading of sports stories, which makes my day.

What ruins my day is the people who have a bigoted attitude of sport stories and sports writers. They read a sports story mainly to find out if it agrees with their beliefs. Those, of course, who disagree rush to call "Rants & Raves" and suggest the sports writer be banished to purgatory.

To our delight we find The Chronicle has one of the best true-to-the-facts sports writers in Rick Dorsey. He does stick his neck out at times, but his facts are there. He's weak on "Dump Dorsey" (I beat him three times). But give him credit for trying.

Columnist Bill Kirby is also very good.

Jacob T. Ley, Martinez


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