Originally created 09/27/00

Let kids enjoy their football game

What in the world is wrong with those uptight adults who go to a high school football game and expect peace and quiet? Please.

They could not really expect the kids not to be jumping up and shouting and cheering their team on. That's a big part of going to the games. Plus this is one of their extracurricular activities. This is their game.

When the picture was flashed on TV the other night that showed the kids separated in their own section, it also showed a picture of the adults sitting in the bleachers. The kids were shouting and cheering, the adults were sitting there like bumps on a log.

My husband and I just looked at each other and laughed. Let the kids enjoy their fun and recognize the fact that they are here enjoying their game and not in the streets getting into trouble.

Jackie Cobbs, Aiken

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