Originally created 09/27/00

Jesus knew he'd be controversial

Letter-writer Michael Ledo and others who take Bible verses or any other writing out of context need to keep reading, if their intent is truly understanding.

Jesus knew he would be controversial and would say things that would upset people, but his goal was truth. Early in his teaching, Jesus was very successful and attracted large crowds. Many came to hear him, but some wanted to be a part of his ministry. Jesus wanted them to know the cost of following him (which could be their lives), and that he was to have priority in their lives over everything and everyone else.

In Luke 14:26, Jesus knew that there would be dissension in families between those who accepted him and those who did not. He was to have priority over dissenting family members. In Matthew 10:34-35, Jesus' words could cut more than any sword: He called national leaders snakes, vipers, liars and cheats and backed it up with truth.

Luke 12:47 is a parable of a servant who was given great responsibility and knew what he was to do, but did not do it and was punished. Matthew 8:22, again, is about priorities and commitment. John 2:15 (concerns) dishonest activities that were going on in the temple and the people knew it, but Jesus took action and drove the crooks out. He had the right, it was his temple.

James B. Wertz, Hephzibah

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