Originally created 09/27/00

Wants anti-Semitic letters barred

R. Parker's Sept. 10 letter shows him to be an anti-Semite. It is also obvious that this man is a failure in his own professional and private life and fears those who have made education, family and hard work a priority.

What is less obvious is The Chronicle's involvement in spreading these hate messages, and, by extension, promoting racial stereotyping.

A newspaper should be the gatekeeper of the community, using its editorial judgment to determine the difference between the dissemination of free speech versus that which would cause more hate than discussion.

I daresay that if the writer referred to an African-American elected to the same position "spitting watermelon pits" in the White House, that letter would not have made your editorial page. Your readers deserve more editorial diligence from their newspaper.

M. Ray, Martinez


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