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Avoidance may signal end of relationship


I met this boy at the mall five months ago. We started talking, and now he wants to break up with me because I told him that I love him. He doesn't return my phone calls, and he always has an excuse as to why he doesn't want to see me. What should I do? - 18-year-old Hephzibah girl

Here's what you had to say:

This boy doesn't want a serious relationship, and you do. Just move on and find a new boyfriend.

Even though you're ready for love the guy you are dating may not be ready for love. If he doesn't love you, move on and wait for true love so you will be happy.

You're only 18, and he's probably around the same age. Being together five months, you don't even really know what love is.

The boy probably feels as if you're moving too fast for him. You've only been together for five months. It was too soon to say that you love him.

Girl, he doesn't want you. You need to find somebody else and leave him alone.

It's quite obvious that he doesn't care about you. It might be hard to do, but you just have to let him go. You can do better anyway.

You should talk to him about slowing the relationship down or breaking up. You can't blame him for not taking it to the next level because maybe he wasn't ready yet. You had a part in it, too, because you didn't ask him how he felt at first. Make sure you talk to him about the relationship before you go and get all upset about it.

You do not need him. It seems that he is immature, and he does not want to grow up. He is scared of commitment, and you could find somebody better than that.

I think that you should wait around and see what he's going to do. Maybe he'll realize that he loves you, too, and maybe you can have something going on with him. Maybe he really does love you, but it just might take him a little while. So, just wait around.

Obviously this boy doesn't want to start a committed relationship. Move on, and trust me you will find someone who will.

Evidently, that guy you netted is a jerk and you don't even need to worry about him. You need to find somebody else.

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