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Clonaid receives overwhelming response

LAS VEGAS -- The following release was issued today by Clonaid:

Clonaid, the first Biotech company to offer human cloning, got funding last month for the cloning of a baby who died at the age of 10 months.

Since that announcement was made, Clonaid has received a large number of requests from parents who have lost a child.

A hotline is now available to help parents who would like to know how to preserve the cells of their dying or dead child. To access our specialists, they can call 1-617-328-6130 or email at helpclonaid.com .

Dr. Boisselier, scientific director, declared: "We are so happy to see this public response after so many negative reactions from the establishment. Our hope at Clonaid is for parents to think about preserving the cells of their beloved ones before they die to make our task of cloning their child easier. Rael, founder of Clonaid and spiritual leader of the Raelian Religion, was the first one to announce that human cloning was inevitable, 27 years ago."

He was also the first one to tell his followers, raelians, to have one of their bones preserved after their death, foreseeing the time when we would be able to recreate human beings using a single cell. As he wrote in his bestseller, The True Face of God: "Now is no longer a time to believe, it's a time to understand."

SOURCE: Clonaid

CONTACT: Nadine Gary of Clonaid, 702-497-9186/

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