Originally created 09/25/00

Fox News Network fair, not slanted

Regarding James Connell's Sept. 14 letter criticizing the Fox News Network for allowing guests to state their opinions that the widespread Western forest fires may be caused by Clinton-Gore administration policies.

I wonder if Mr. Connell knows that the governor of Oregon - a Democrat - has the same opinion. I flew as an aerial firefighting pilot for five years in the Western states and I can assure you that if you don't thin out the forest by logging it, Mother Nature will burn it.

Don't believe me? Let your backyard go without pruning the trees, trimming the bushes, and pulling the weeds for seven and a half years and then throw a match in the middle of it when it's dry. That's what happens in the forest when lightning, unattended campfires, or discarded cigarette butts make their way into dry forests where logging has been prohibited for the same amount of time.

The traditional electronic media has fed us their editorialized news for so many years that people think hearing another side to an issue is "slanted." As they say, they report, you decide; but it only works for open minds.

Dale W. Hemman, Evans


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