Originally created 09/25/00

Wants para-pros back in classroom

My heart goes out to all our teachers. For the most part, they are being taken for granted. After all that they do for the community in general and our kids in particular, we should at least give them the support that they need and deserve.

Allow me to give one example. I think that the idea to get rid of paraprofessionals is a bad one. In this day of increased violence, no class should have only one teacher in it.

Also, I imagine teachers would say that they surely need the help, not only in the classroom, but in helping with the paper workload so that teachers can dedicate more time to teaching. The paraprofessional in essence allows the teacher the ability to be more focused.

Until we as a nation are able to make the teachers' job more attractive so that we are flooded with applicants and have lower class sizes, let's not take help away from our teachers...

Rev. Roscoe F. Perry, Martinez

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