Originally created 09/22/00

Administrator would need a free hand

Augusta commissioners might as well sit on their bank books if they plan to try to bribe Randy Oliver to stay here and not give him the authority he needs to make the required changes.

They might as well hire one of the Golf Hall of Fame statues if they continue to expect Mr. Oliver to endorse all of their misconceived ideas and mistakes. Every board member in a large corporation knows that they judge the manager by the success of his administration, and not on each step that he takes along the way. The commissioners might be able to micro-administrate but not micro-manage each department.

If they want to be puppeteers they don't need to spend another penny on a puppet. Just get one of the golf statues and buy strong string, like a rope.

But if Mr. Oliver does agree to stay, he could easily save the county enough money for any salary increase, and the cost of a new jail extension and possibly the waterworks improvements, if he was given a free hand to restructure all the county departments without interference and thereby accomplish what was promised at the time of consolidation.

Charles J. Scavullo Sr., Augusta


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