Originally created 09/22/00

Jesus critic misunderstands Bible

Regarding Michael Ledo's Sept. 4 letter stating that Jesus taught hate. Mr. Ledo should read the Bible in full before he makes such statements. Anyone can take Scripture out of context and use it (or misuse it) for their own cause. Even Satan knows the Scriptures and tries to cause people to stumble by taking it out of context.

Jesus taught in the Scriptures that there are two great commandments: 1) To love the Lord God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and 2) To love your neighbor as yourself; neighbor means everyone. (Mark 12: 30-31.) He even went as far as to tell us to love even our enemies and those who do wrong toward us. (Matt. 5: 43-47)

I suggest Mr. Ledo take the time and read the full passages from the parts where he quoted and study the Scriptures in full. Using a Bible commentary will help in understanding the Bible as you study it.

One other remark that he made was "Bill Clinton is a better man than Jesus." To this I would like to say, my faith is in the Lord Jesus Christ. I'm glad I can count on him and his love rather than Bill Clinton's.

One day I will go to be with Jesus in heaven unless he returns to earth before I die. When Christ Jesus does return, everyone will bow down and confess that Jesus Christ is the king of kings and lord of lords.

Michael Scott, Beech Island


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