Originally created 09/21/00

GOP has cried `wolf' once too often

Regarding The Chronicle's Sept. 19 editorial, where you claimed the TV networks are biased in not disclosing problems about the "Gore campaign," in particular, and about the "Clinton administration," in general:

There have been 7´ years of non-stop investigations by the House's Burton committee, the Senate's Thompson committee, the Kenneth Star pornographic inquisition and the delegation led by Rep. Christopher Cox, R-Calif. Not much of substance has been found. Clearly, Americans are tired of all the bull.

The Republicans can only cry "wolf" so many times. There are only so many stones to turn over, without anything being stuck on them. You can only holler "conspiracy" and "wrongdoing" for so long before voters rebel against you ...

Carl S. Champlin, Aiken


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