Originally created 09/21/00

Islam: Judeo-Christian Bible corrupt

I wish to add information to the discussion about Islam and religious intolerance. While Muslims sometimes leave Jews and Christians in peace per the Koran (Islamic Bible), they almost always express much intolerance by saying that the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, is corrupt.

This is very hurtful to those of faiths that value the Bible. The many Muslims I have met vigorously condemn the Bible, almost as if Islam's survival depended on such condemnation. Imagine the surprise then when I read the Koran about this.

Sura: verses including 2:53, 3:3-4, 3:45-48, 3:55, 5:46, 5:68, 5:110, 6:114, 9:111, 46:30, 48:29, and 57:27 all promote the idea that the Old and New Testaments are given by God and are meant by God to provide good guidance and light.

The Koran, conveyed 600 years after Christ, verified that the Old and New Testaments of that time were not corrupt. The Bible of 600 A.D. is the same as today's. No one can change God's words (Sura: verse 6:115).

A reading of the Koran provides only one conclusion about the authority of the Bible. When Muslims attack other religions by saying the Bible was corrupted by mankind, they are violating the clear teachings of the Koran. Their attacks on the Bible are therefore equivalent to denying the prophethood of Mohammad.

Charles A. Nash, North Augusta

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