Originally created 09/19/00

Bias - and omission

Bias on the part of the national media continues, highlighted by criticism that The New York Times and three TV networks - ABC, CBS and NBC - took out their microscopes to scrutinize one-30th of a second in a GOP health ad. They also omit more serious stories - also an advantage to the Gore campaign. Consider:

A woman who sharply questioned Gore at a meeting about Juanita's Broaddrick's rape accusation against President Clinton is now the subject of an Internal Revenue Service audit. No stories have aired on CBS, NBC and ABC.

The Associated Press found a $48 million estate controlled by vice presidential candidate Joe Lieberman evicted a woman from one of its buildings, then reversed course when she sued him and lost her job because she was injured on the property. Again, with the exception of Fox, no TV coverage.

Major print media found Gore appears to have engaged in a quid pro quo with Texas trial lawyers, offering a presidential veto of a bill limiting how much money they could get from suits. The Justice Department is considering a probe (that would be news). So where are the network TV stories?


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