Originally created 09/19/00

Democrats are restoring slavery

The Democratic Party is hard at work to re-establish slavery in this country. Their goal is to make government larger and larger and to keep telling us how we cannot make it without them. They are willing to provide us security if we are willing to give up our freedom.

In the past, many were sold into slavery by their own people. Now we are being sold into slavery by our elected representatives.

Will the Democratic Party eventually take all of our money? Will it take all of our freedom? At the present rate, that is sure to happen. What should we think of a group of people who say killing babies is good, making mind destroying drugs legal is good, and making sure we have plenty of garbage to watch and read is good?

These same folks think that if we decide how to educate our children, and if we have more freedom, we become bad people. They tell us we need special privileges or we will not make it.

People have already fallen for one recent Democratic trick: We will give you welfare money, but we will get it back when you buy lottery tickets. Since we cannot choose a good school for our children, the children in the best schools get more benefit from the lottery money.

In the days of slavery one's behavior had to be right or you were beaten. As the government takes away more freedom we must be politically correct in all we do to avoid a government beating in some form or fashion.

Democrats have been placing chains on us for years. Now they are ready to take our money and buy more chains. The last time it took a civil war and many people dying to remove those chains.

This time it only takes a vote. When any of us vote Democratic we are saying, "Bring on the chains, I need the slavemaster to care for me, because I can't do it for myself."

History will repeat itself, and slavery will return unless we vote for the freedom God wants us to have. We can stop slavery now with our vote, or our children will have to stop it with their blood.

E.F. Purvis, Martinez

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