Originally created 09/19/00

Clinton cannot save anyone from sin

In Michael Ledo's Sept. 4 letter, he does not complete his scriptural examples. He quoted Luke 14:26 and Matt 10:34-35. In these parables, Jesus was not encouraging disobedience to parents or conflicts within the home. He was saying our choice to follow him sets us apart from unbelievers. Our morals, values, and goals will cause conflict with people who disagree with us.

In Luke 12:47, being a servant of Jesus does not mean "slave" as our society interprets the meaning; but, as believers, we will lose blessings when we ignore God's will for our lives.

In Matt 8:22, Jesus spoke plainly to the people who said they wanted to follow Him. As God's son, Jesus deserved complete loyalty. He was saying there were costs to be paid for following him, even having to leave home and family. The disciple meant he wanted to delay following Jesus until a more convenient time.

In John 2:15, as God's son, Jesus had the authority and right to be angry about the sin of the people making a profit in God's temple. God's house is a place to worship him, not gain in business.

As to Bill Clinton being a better man. Try as he might to be everyone's apostle of hope, the president cannot save himself or anyone else from sin. When Jesus died, he was the sinless son of God. He took my sins, your sins, and Mr. Clinton's sins upon himself so that we may live with him eternally.

Judith P. Burns, Martinez


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