Originally created 09/19/00

Understanding Scripture is important

As one converted in Christ, I would respond to the Michael Ledos of this world by saying "Thank you for your input."

We remain at liberty to love, as we are committed to do, according to what we know and not according to what you we don't know. Once in the knowledge of Christ, such words are a stark reminder of the plight of the lost.

According to II Corinthians 4:3-4, light (or the wisdom of God) is withdrawn from the lost. This absence of light precludes "accidental understanding."

This is a necessary precaution since power is obtained with understanding. Such power is reserved exclusively for those who are committed to understanding the true nature of Christ. If anyone needs proof that for all the power ascribed to being able to read (most notably here, the Bible), the condition and rectitude of the heart determine what you will understand when you read. Let it not be in vain that Proverbs 4:7 admonishes us "with all thy getting get understanding."

Judy Perry, Augusta

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