Originally created 09/19/00

Why stormwater fee makes him mad

As a longtime Columbia County resident, I am indeed mad about the new stormwater utility. I have been reading about it and knew it was coming.

What I didn't know, and am mad about, is how it is calculated. I have 2,202 square feet of "impervious surface." Divide that by 2,000 and I get 1.101, yet I will be billed $3.50, which is the 4,000-sq. ft. rate.

I don't mind paying my fair share, which should be $1.93. Since when did 1.101 become equal to two? Weren't we taught to round down if the remainder is less than half?

I thought engineers always used very precise measurements, but apparently the laws of mathematics can be suspended when calculating taxes. This is nothing but a gouging of citizens who are victims of rampant commercialization encouraged by the county.

Where did they get their figures from? Old courthouse records? Have they been to the property, to see who has added on and how much? It just doesn't sound like the county has done its homework, except on the billing side.

I would like to know what the developers and contractors have to pay, since they created the problem in the first place. First I have to pay for water that I can't use ... Now I have to pay $3.50 a month for water that falls from the sky (and used to be free). I can't wait until the next election. I will get out the vote.

Leon Conner Jr., Martinez

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