Originally created 09/18/00

Postcard from Sydney

Blimey, mates,

Doesn't the party ever stop?

It looks like Sidneysiders are going to carry on through the whole 17 days of the Olympics. Everywhere you look, people are having fun.

After covering boxing last night I walked out to have a gander at the Darling Harbor district and it looked like everyone was having a bit of a bash, you know, a rage, a beano, a wing-ding, a shivoo...a party. In one area thousands were lying on the grass watching swimming and then cycling and gymnastics on a huge screen.

Around a little pond families were playing games or trying the bungee trampoline ride. My kids will love this.

Then over by the harbor UPS was staging a laser show, projecting it onto water sprayed into the air in the middle of the harbor. At the end there was a huge fireworks show. And all around the harbor were beautiful hotels, hotels in which I could have booked an official room instead of the media village where I share a large closet with another writer. I just hope the boss appreciates all the money I saved by not booking that hotel room.

Or maybe I could have been on the Lady Carol, a large yacht tied up in the harbor. As I waved at a couple on deck, they just sat down while someone who looked like a butler poured them wine. Then they just sat and watched the parade of humanity passing by their little slice of heaven. Oh well, I'll be they didn't even have any crumpets.

Catch you later,



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