Originally created 09/18/00

Supports Aiken County sales tax

Believe me, I'm no proponent of excess taxation, but I also know "there's no free lunch." And that's why I support Aiken County's penny sales tax referendum in the November election.

I think we're long overdue for the completion of the Bobby Jones Expressway into South Carolina; Georgia has done it's part, and it's my understanding that we, as South Carolinians, had agreed to complete the end which extends into our state and ends on Shultz Hill in North Augusta.

I feel that anyone traveling to the southern or western parts of Augusta, and especially to the airport area, would have a much safer journey than is presently possible, and it would be much quicker also.

I have to admit, I didn't realize we had 1,000 miles of dirt roads in Aiken County, but I expect persons traveling those roads would be pleased to have a portion of them paved, and this small tax, or investment, will pave about 10 percent of them.

Sometimes it makes better sense to make small investments today instead of large investments later, and this is the case at this time.

I urge anyone interested in the progress of Aiken County to join with County Council Chairman Ronnie Young in supporting this Local Option Sales Tax. It will be good for the whole county. One other thought: this will replace the accommodations tax (hospitality tax) in Aiken and North Augusta. I feel that the old saying, "many hands make light work," certainly applies here.

Lionel Smith, Aiken


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