Originally created 09/18/00

License bureau service satirized

We are fortunate to have such an efficient, caring, and service-oriented government serving us. The driver's license bureau in Columbia County is an example of a great service-oriented department provided by our state government. I only had to wait in line for one hour.

I was so pleased when I finally reached the front of the line, and the smiling and enthusiastic officer behind the desk said, "Next." Then when I walked up to the counter, the officer said it was after 4:30 p.m. and that he could not help me.

I glanced up to see that his clock showed 4:35 p.m. Knowing that it was probably a government-issued clock, I pointed out to the gentlemen that the time on his clock was fast, and it was actually 4:29 p.m. But being the efficient employee and wanting to get all the customers processed and out the door quickly, he confirmed that his clock was set fast, so he had opened a few minutes early.

Additionally, he demonstrated the utmost in professionalism with his splendidly positive attitude when he explained to me that "they" won't get off their butts and hire more people and that "they" only pile more work on him. I asked the fellow if he would please help me since I had been standing in line for one hour, but he flatly refused.

I told the poor, overworked fellow that I didn't mind coming in again and standing in line for another hour on another day for the sake of "one minute." Besides, I was thrilled to know that this government office throws open its doors five minutes early, anxiously ready to serve the taxpaying public with the best officers and service that the state of Georgia has to offer.

L.M. Rogers, Martinez


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