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Postcard time comes to an end

One that would have the fruit must climb the tree.

- Thomas Fuller

We had another great summer for our vacation postcard project.

Not only did you send a card from all 50 states, you did it before Labor Day.

As for vacation destinations, we have a different champion - South Carolina.

Yep, Strom Thurmond's home state contributed eight postcards, nudging out Oregon and North Dakota (of all places) for our most popular spot to visit.

Runners-up were Alaska, West Virginia, Wisconsin and California.

Georgia, in case you're wondering, only drew two cards.

The least-visited states, with one card each, were the usual suspects: Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi and New Jersey.

Florida logged a disappointing four.

As for foreign countries, Canada, with 13, topped everyone. England was a distant second with four.

Now it's time for our annual awards.

MOUNTAINS OR BEACH? Beach. Last year, it was close.

This year?

Almost no one headed for the hills.

Most vacationers went to the ocean (43-13) rather than the mountains.

GREATEST ADVENTURE: The fearless foursome of Ken and Phyllis Badke, Patsy Spivey and Jeanne Crawford went all the way to the Pacific Northwest and back and sent almost two dozen cards along the way. Thanks, folks.

FUNNIEST CARD: This was by far our best category.

Bethany Vernon and Pat Hall sent a card from Arkansas showing Bill Clinton's first-grade yearbook page.

And Jack and Gail Parker from Aiken sent their usual humorous offerings. One showed an Arizona cowboy whose horse had given out.

Another depicted a close-up of "Silicone Valley" (You can imagine what that was).

But the best one, I thought, showed eight bare-bottomed babies checking out the "Hollywood" sign near Los Angeles.

I CAN'T BELIEVE THE POST OFFICE DELIVERED THAT: David and Sherry's naked beach bunnies from Cancun, Mexico.

OLDEST CARD: Edith Miller of Beech Island sent (by envelope) a card originally mailed in 1914!

BIGGEST CARD: Linda and Derwood Watson of Lincolnton barely beat out Bettie Hinton with their 9-inch card showing Niagara Falls.

WILDLIFE: Sixteen cards depicted animals or birds. Six of those were cows.

BASEBALL VENUES: My friends know I'm a baseball fan, and so do many of you. I received four postcards showing ballparks or football stadiums.

MAP OF A STATE: Seven, down from 19 last year.

FARTHEST AWAY? One from the former Soviet Union, another from Japan.

GIANT VEGETABLES: One from Idaho. And it showed a giant potato, naturally.

MOST UNUSUAL: Joey and Michelle Smalley of Appling sent a postcard that was actually a jigsaw puzzle showing a Smoky Mountain bear cub.

Thanks again, to all of you.

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