Originally created 09/17/00

Jesus critic misses Bible's message

In response to Michael Ledo's Sept. 4 letter, "Jesus, cult leader, preached hate."

First, let me commend him for reading his Bible. I don't think enough of that is being done today. I must tell him that I don't think he is getting its message...

Those of us who believe that the Bible is more than just a best-seller do not share his interpretation that Jesus was a cult leader, advocating hate and violence. I fear he misses a vital point in his reading.

I sense he doesn't know who it is that is making these statements. If he understood that he who speaks is God in the flesh, I think it would change some things. Otherwise, he will not ingest the meaning.

In fact, the Bible states that the "natural man" cannot understand scripture, for it feeds the spirit and not the physical realm. God is God and he calls the shots whether we like it or not or whether we believe it or not. He is sovereign.

When Mr. Ledo understands that God died an agonizing death on a cross in our place, so that we mere humans might have a chance to be with him for all eternity, something we don't deserve and can't earn for ourselves, then he can begin to understand why Jesus has every right to ask to be first in our lives.

Mr. Ledo should keep reading his Bible and ask for the gift of God's spirit, to see its true meaning. It may surprise him, the difference he gets interpreting it. Otherwise, he won't understand it and isn't expected to.

When he finds Jesus, his understanding will blossom. Without jesus, he will continue to stumble and misinterpret. Accept the challenge. Whether we like it or not, or even believe it or not, where we spend eternity is at stake.

J.M. Williams, North Augusta


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