Originally created 09/17/00

Al Gore contrary to Jesus' teachings

Periodically over the years Vice President Al Gore has found it necessary to reinvent himself. In his latest attempt, Mr. Gore claims (according to The Chronicle, Aug. 30) that "he measures his life by asking `What Would Jesus Do,' the message printed on colorful bracelets worn by evangelical youth". If Mr. Gore is serious about his "new self," if he really is a disciple of Jesus Christ, then he is asserting that Jesus Christ supports the following:

The procedure called partial birth abortion in which a baby is pulled feet first from its mother's womb, stabbed in the neck and then has its brains sucked out.

The slaughter of 4,000 unborn children each day, some by methods as grisly as that indicated above, a total of more than 35 million babies since Roe v. Wade in 1973.

The militant homosexual agenda.

Every true Christian knows that the above practices are contrary to everything Jesus Christ taught and to suggest otherwise is blasphemous, yet Clinton-Gore and the Democrat Party embrace these practices.

It appears that Mr. Gore will need to reinvent himself once again.

Hubert Baker, Aiken


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