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The comic strip Blondie celebrates its 70th anniversary this week. The first Blondie strip appeared on Sept. 8, 1930. Today Blondie appears in more than 2,300 newspapers in 55 countries and 35 languages. The comic strip began during the Depression as a courtship between a flighty flapper, Blondie Boopadoop, and Dagwood Bumstead, the playboy son of railroad millionaires. His parents opposed the match, but the disinherited Dagwood married Blondie anyway. A special strip that will appear in Friday's newspaper shows what the couple looked like during the 1930s as drawn by creator Murat B. "Chic" Young. His son Dean continues to create the strip today with illustrator Denis Lebrun. Other special Blondie comics marking the anniversary will appear Saturday and Sunday in the Chronicle.


If you missed the reunion of Dr. Doug Ross (George Clooney) and nurse Carol Hathaway (Julianna Margulies) on ER during the spring sweeps, tonight's your chance. Ms. Margulies' last appearance after season six on the medical drama will be repeated tonight. The episode titled Such Sweet Sorrow airs at 10 tonight on WAGT-TV (Channel 26).


Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore will visit David Letterman's Late Show on CBS Sept. 14. (He first appeared in September 1993.) Yes, GOP hopeful George W. Bush has been invited, says a Late Show rep, but no response yet from his camp.


This isn't your father's baby boom. It's bigger. In 1965, when the bulk of boomers were coming of age, the United States had 28 million teen-agers. Now it has 31.6 million, American Demographics magazine reports.


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