Originally created 09/07/00

Helping Reds wage war

The Clinton administration continues to host Communist Chinese military delegations everywhere from nuclear sites to sensitive seminars. Never mind that last year's bipartisan Cox report warned of "an ongoing, systematic effort" by the Chinese to steal our military secrets.

This administration could care less.

The latest stupidity involves Chinese military officials being shown reams of sensitive data in Norfolk, Va., on how the U.S. military trains its forces for joint-war fighting. Congress passed a law just last year limiting such contacts, and specifically limiting contacts with the Red Chinese on such topics as joint-war fighting. But the White House nevertheless ordered the Pentagon to proceed.

Rep. Tom DeLay, R-Tex., says allowing the Chinese to visit that Joint Forces Command seminar underscores a "reckless disregard" for national security. Remember, too, that China threatens to attack the free Chinese on Taiwan - and the U.S. is honor-bound to defend them.

The Washington Times quotes Pentagon officials admitting the Chinese are the only military in Asia being given access to this important information that will enhance their war-making ability.

Incredible. As one pundit put it, the administration known for wanting to take guns away from citizens will also be known for wanting to give the Chinese our military secrets.

Texas Gov. George W. Bush should jump on this issue with Vice President Al Gore - the sooner the better.


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