Originally created 09/07/00

First Steps is socialist programming

It's true there are good people with good intentions who have different opinions.

Then there are the facts. The facts are that government programs such as First Steps are socialist vehicles for subtly programming (brainwashing) the American children.

Promoted under the deception of preparing children for the first grade. These programs wean the children from their mothers' nurturing care at a younger and younger age to accept the all providing government. Let us also add that they build more bureaucracy, creating larger government which in turn calls for higher and more taxes.

It makes little difference which euphemism we use, First Steps, Success by Six, Head Start - they are all the same. In SocialistCommunist countries, children are the wards of the state. This is the direction we are heading.

Vladimir Lenin once said, "Socialism will be built by non-socialist hands." By this he meant that the leaders in the free world would have to be duped into pushing for socialist programs. In America today, it can be said that the blind is now leading the blind.

Andy Windham, Wagener

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