Originally created 09/06/00

Miller blamed for stay of execution

Regarding the stay of execution for Alexander Williams, a convicted and admitted rapist and murderer: It might well be noted that Zell Miller's legacy of a liberal Supreme Court lives on well after his governorship.

Beyond justice for victim and family, there are two other even more pressing reasons for carrying out the death penalty in cases of this type.

First, as we have too often seen, commutation to life in prison does not always mean life in prison. In all too many cases, those sentenced to life have been released or have escaped to kill again. Also, there is always the likelihood that they will kill a guard or inmate inside prison.

Second, any sentence less than death sends the message that even the most heinous murder is just not that serious, and the penalty not that severe. Even now, there is an unknown killer of a 17-year-old girl across the border in Aiken who may be contemplating his next victim.

Do we want to send the message that Georgia is the place to do it?

What can we do? Most immediately, we can write the Georgia Victims' Advocacy Office of the Board of Pardons and Paroles to strongly oppose any commutation of Mr. Williams' death sentence.

Second, we can ensure that we don't elect liberal politicians, like Zell Miller, who will appoint bleeding heart judges. We will have that opportunity Nov. 7 when we can elect anybody but Mr. Miller to the U.S. Senate.

Donald L. Davis, Evans


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