Originally created 08/29/00

Chronicle bellyaching is hypocritical

By the authority invested in me by memory, fair play, objectivity and just plain horse sense, I hereby change The Chronicle's motto to, "The Nation's Oldest Hypocrite." By your drooling, you are defined.

Your position is not pro-choice, but you belch in a lead editorial, "No clemency for (John Doe.)" Somebody in your think-silo lacks the emotional and intellectual capacity to spot the inconsistency: You want it both ways.

You bellyached when Gov. Roy Barnes appointed a non-Republican to the U.S. Senate following the death of a Republican lawmaker, compounding your illogic by inferring that the appointment denies Republicans of...balance.

When you sop up your crocodile tears, please take a gander at the near-absolute lack of objectivity in your editorial pages. Surely you know that there are countless innocents who unwittingly follow your narrow-minded rantings as restroom truth. You "unbalance" them.

You zealously bellow for any Democrat's scalp whenever there is a probable security leak. But you feed your readers with an almost daily diet of, "given on condition of anonymity."

This mealy-mouth ejaculation, my dear hypocrites, clumsily attempts to evade the blatant truth - you receive and pass on stolen goods. No bother, you reason, as thievery is a virtue when the goal is victory by any means necessary.

The litany goes on, but I'll close with a proposition. Your editorial team and some writers of letters insist on infinite apologies from Jane Fonda and President Bill Clinton for crimes against anything whatsoever...

So here's my proposition, since you're playing judge and jury: For starters, print an apology on each page each day for every day you published, "News For and About Colored People" in back "the good ol' days." Trust me, I'll insist that Bill Clinton and Jane Fonda match you word for word.

All is fair in indecency and hypocrisy.

Fr. Lewis P. Bohler Jr., Augusta


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