Originally created 08/29/00

Williams should pay with his life

I wish to express my feelings regarding the stay of execution given to Alexander Williams. I am an Augusta native and was 14 years old when Aleta Bunch was murdered.

I didn't know Ms. Bunch personally, but she was a friend of a friend. I remember very clearly the anxiety that her schoolmates felt when they found out she had been kidnapped. The entire school met and prayed that she would be returned safely. We know now that their prayers would not be answered.

I also remember the devastation of everyone at Curtis Baptist School when the news came that she had been raped and murdered. The way the students were sobbing and consoling one another can only be compared to the reaction the Columbine High School community of Littleton, Colo. had.

When Mr. Williams committed his crime, he changed forever how we all felt about shopping in south Augusta. Wheat he took from our community can never be replaced.

I have read about the abuse he suffered as a child and I am empathetic. However, that does not change the fact that he murdered an innocent girl. We must not let our judgment be clouded into thinking that Mr. Williams is as much a victim as Ms. Bunch, because it simply isn't true. Regardless of how global organizations may want to protect the guilty, Aleta Bunch deserves justice; her family deserves peace. The only way to accomplish this is for Mr. Williams to pay for his crimes with his own life.

Mike Fowler, Augusta


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