Originally created 08/29/00

Cartoonist right on target for life

Allow me an opportunity to praise editorial cartoonist Rick McKee for his position on human life.

Most often we think of humor when we think of cartoons. However, McKee has used them to illustrate life issues in ways that are both witty and thought provoking. For example: One of his cartoons depicted Uncle Sam emptying a wastebasket of aborted babies into a pile labeled 1997. A larger pile labeled 1996 was behind him. The thought above his head read, "On the bright side there do seem to be fewer..." This appeared after news that the number of U.S. abortions had dropped "slightly."

Another cartoon that was on the mark was in response to the Supreme Court's decision to strike down Nebraska's ban on partial-birth abortion. A caption across three panels read, "Our throw-away society." The first panel showed a disposable diaper, the second a one-time-use camera, and the last an aborted baby in a trash can. Amazingly, one shortsighted reader wrote in to defend the use of the diapers and cameras.

More recently, McKee nearly read my thoughts as I heard about the efforts that had been made to save the life of a kitten in a drain pipe. He drew a pregnant woman in an abortion clinic waiting room reading the newspaper. Her thoughts: "Thank God they saved the life of that kitty..."

Most of the news media today is against the pro-life movement. That is why I am so grateful to see someone standing up for human life. I am sure that many who are pro-life share my gratitude.

G. Kenneth Adams Editor's Note: The author is president of Aiken County Citizens for Life.


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