Originally created 08/29/00

Wetlands project will save money

There was an excellent article on Augusta's constructed wetlands on the front page of the Aug. 20 Chronicle. People who are aware of this type of engineering specialty know that ZEL Engineers conceived and designed this system, but credit must also go to the Augusta commissioners.

They did their homework, put up the funding and recognized the millions of dollars that this technology will save their constituents in capital and operational costs both now and in the future.

They also understood the educational and recreational opportunities created by the project. Additionally, by supporting the Phinizy Swamp Nature Park adjacent to the constructed wetlands, Augusta commissioners demonstrated their understanding of this project on a grander scale.

This is a success story born locally, and implemented by local folks.

Joe Tankersley, Augusta

(Editor's note: The author is president of ZEL Engineers, Inc.)


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