Originally created 08/28/00

Worries about airplane towing an ad

While Daniel Field has recently been shown to be dangerous to people in its immediate vicinity, there is another aspect that so far has not harmed anyone. However, it does have that potential.

I refer to the small plane that daily repeats a three-minute circuit over Summerville towing an advertisement for a business in Daniel Village. One recent day it was still going on at 6:35 p.m., having begun at least as early as 10 a.m. (And this has been going on for at least two summers.)

In addition to the "Chinese water torture" component of this three-minute circuit, there is the problem of the pilot getting bored and falling asleep. Or perhaps he is using the time to train a student. Is it really advisable to do this over a heavily-populated area?

Anne Berlin, Augusta

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