Originally created 08/28/00

If they admit crime, forget the time

I met Aleta Bunch's mother a year after 16-year-old Aleta was brutally raped and murdered, and she was still suffering terribly. The bleeding hearts who seek to keep killers alive in prison (where taxpayers pay to feed and clothe them) need to see and feel the pain of the victims.

So what if Alexander Williams had a bad life as a kid? He still planned and committed the murder because he wanted to. He admitted it, so all this time in prison proves what? When they admit the crime, forget the time. Do what they did, and maybe the message will get through that in America we mete out justice for victims more than for criminals.

I'm disgusted that those who work and raise their children suffer greatly because of those who do whatever feels good. I also think parents should have to explain why they did what felt good for themselves. If they tried, then fine, but if they were abusive, or sex offenders, their punishment should not be cancelled just because they are now more mature.

They brought these kids into the world. They should be responsible for them. Grow up, America. Look at the parents who have tried, and given their all, only to have tragedy and heartbreak the rest of their lives.

B. Essex, North Augusta

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