Originally created 08/28/00

Quoting the Bible proves nothing

Please accept my compliments for publishing a letter Aug. 16 ("Some Christians just don't get it") that is well written, makes sense and does not quote or misquote a passage out of the Bible.

I don't know Clyde Howell, but I do like his thinking. His letter was an improvement over the usual Opinion page drivel.

I am a newcomer to the area and must admit the editor's practice of publishing letters from so-called Christians or, it would seem, weak-minded individuals, is overdone.

Can't we call it quits? Trying to prove a point by the Bible is like the childish question, which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

Over the years, it must have been hard to convert people to Christianity. Maybe that is where all the scare tactics came in about burning in Hell if you don't believe the way that they do.

H.D. Smith, North Augusta

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