Originally created 08/20/00

Read the Bible, not Potter books

I agree with D.H. Edwards' Chronicle letter. Where have all the so-called Christians gone? Answer: To purchase Harry Potter books.

Why? "Because my child has finally found a reason to read. So why not encourage it?" Would these same so-called Christians buy a Ouija Board so their children could learn to spell?

The King James version of the Bible says that people are like sheep. Where the leader of the flock goes, the rest will follow - even if it's over the cliff to plunge to their deaths. No true Christian would dare open the gate and let their children play in the Devil's backyard. So in this case (the Potter books), the end does not justify the means.

Wake up, Christians, before you find yourselves plunging over a cliff of no return. In case you have forgotten, Christian means Christ-like. Is that how you would define yourself if you flocked with the group to purchase the forbidden literature?

If you think your child needs to learn about Satan, then encourage your kid to read the King James Bible. I know from experience that some of the scriptures will make a child's hair stand on end.

If you must keep up with the flock, then buy the best-selling book of all time - the Bible. God wrote it as a love-letter to humankind, and out of love for us.

The author of the Harry Potter books wrote out of love for money, the root of all evil. Our society needs to do some serious soul searching ...

Arvilla Virgil, Harlem

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