Originally created 08/20/00

Congress pay raise unjustified

I recently read Congress will be receiving a 3 percent cost of living pay raise. This will be the lawmakers' third raise in four years. Salaries for House members, reports the Associated Press, will rise in January by $4,200 to $145,500.

I just cannot believe that this is happening to us ... Along with this wonderful salary that they make they get many "perks," such as free medical and drug care and a wonderful retirement. Do we get these? Looks like to me before they give themselves a raise they need to do a little bit more work for us, the folks who elected them.

For instance, why can't they put politics aside, put their heads together and come up with an effective prescription and health plan to help seniors facing high prescription costs. Quit giving our money away to foreign countries that dislike the U.S. and put it into a health plan that needs updating.

Also, Congress should work harder to lower gas prices and keep them at stable rates. As registered voters, we can control who is put into office... so in effect, we are the "bosses" of this group. Why can't we vote "No" for their attempt to give themselves an unjustifiable raise?

John C. Whinnery Sr., Aiken


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