Originally created 08/20/00

There's more than just one Bible

Some church people ask why there are so many different churches when there is only one Bible? My brother and I wonder how they know there is only one Bible.

The Bible was translated into Latin by St. Jerome. Then with the Protestant Reformation many men began to interpret the Bible their way. More men began to read and write and didn't have to depend on the clergy for the truth. Some viewed the Bible literally and some viewed it figuratively, even others as a little of both, if that is possible.

Translations of the Bible into English was done by Coverdale, Tyndale, Wycliffe and a number of church people led by Lancelot Andrewes that gave us in 1611 the King James Version.

Many revisions and translations of the Bible have taken place since 1611. To say there is only one Bible is ludicrous.

Being Christians, my brother and I accept the Bible through faith. Without faith we would have thrown in the towel years ago.

Marsha Adams

Faber Hance

North Augusta


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