Originally created 08/19/00

Long live the Confederate flag

Aug. 9 was the anniversary of the beginning of the siege of Atlanta. The first of Union Gen. William T. Sherman's shells that fell on the city killed a little girl and her puppy.

Not long ago, I read somewhere that people in Ohio have put up a statue honouring Sherman, the general who targeted churches for destruction, whose soldiers raped and burned and looted their way across the South.

They put dead animals down the wells to foul the drinking water. They left the old, the sick and the weak (both black and white) to starve in a ruined land. They dug up graves to rob the dead of their jewelry and gold teeth.

They burned a convent in Columbia, S.C., and literally raped several black women to death on the streets there. And the leader of this barbarity is honored? Might as well put up a statue to Adolph Hitler or Heinrich Himmler or the City Council of Blythe, Ga.

Sherman wrote: "The government of the United States has...any and all rights which they chose to enforce in war - to take their lives, their homes, their land, their everything...To the persistent secessionist, why, death is a mercy, and the quicker he or she is disposed of the better."

This blood-thirsty, vicious monster has a statue raised in his honor, yet we are forbidden to fly the flag under which our ancestors fought for liberty from such barbarity.

Aug. 9, 1864 was a Tuesday morning 134 years ago when a little girl was brutally killed. May we never forget her or the other martyrs of our cause. Long may our Confederate flags fly at Jefferson Davis monuments and Georgia state flags fly with pride for all who died. The spirit in them is the American in us.

Rick Bernardi, North Augusta


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