Originally created 08/19/00

Where has all the good music gone?

Regarding the Aug. 1 letter from Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hargrove: I also like good music and miss the beautiful music we used to enjoy on radio. We had a good music station in Aiken (WNEZ) that played lovely music all day, and it was a joy to hear.

So much of the music we hear today is only a noise with a beat and it can't compare with the sweet and romantic music we once knew.

According to reports, some suicides among our youth have been attributed to the profane language and hidden messages that have been written into some songs.

Fifty years ago profane and perverse lyrics came on the scene and the music world became bent out of shape and good music left the scene and is rarely heard anymore. What a pity that a generation has been deprived of the gift of wonderful music.

How refreshing it would be to hear a couple of hours of instrumental music at dinner time, away from the din of raucous and senseless commercials.

I read a statement recently to the effect that the character of a nation is shaped by the songs a nation sings. Could it be that we are singing the wrong songs?

Frankie Clark, North Augusta


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